What Engine Does The Chevelle 1971 Have?

The Chevelle body was only slightly altered for the 1971 model year, but the SS396 and SS454 choices were more performance-oriented in prior years, with either a 396ci or a 454ci engine as an option. Due to the lack of interest in the RPO Z25 SS396 option, Chevrolet withdrew it and replaced it with the Z15 SS454 option, which was later renamed to the Z15 SS Equipment Option.

In 1971, Chevrolet’s specs for all engines included both ″gross″ and ″net″ horsepower values for comparison. The standard engine for the Chevelle SS was a two-barrel 350-cubic-inch V8 that produced 245 gross horsepower (165 net horsepower).

  • There was just one SS package available for the 1971 model year, which was known as the RPO Z15.
  • There was a choice between every V-8 engine available as Malibu upgrades, in addition to a 454 cubic inch V-8 that was only offered with the SS package.
  • This engine, dubbed the LS5, generated 365 horsepower, an increase from the 360 horsepower produced by the identical model in 1970, according to the manufacturer.

Did the 1971 Chevelle come with a 454?

  • SS Chevelle (also known as Malibu SS, or whatever other name you choose to call it) did not exist in 1971, technically speaking.
  • The year 1971 saw yet another year of transition for the SS option.
  • Performance-oriented options such as the SS 396 and SS 454 were available in earlier years, and each of these configurations contained a high-performance engine with the designations ‘396’ or ‘454’.
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How much horsepower did the 1971 454 have?

Engine manufacturer: GM Chevrolet L-series 454 V-8 (big-block)
Horsepower net: 242.5 kW / 330 PS / 325 hp (SAE net)
/ 5600
Torque net: 529 Nm / 390 ft-lb
/ 3600

Did a 1972 Chevelle have a 454?

In 1972, a 454 cubic inch large block V8 engine was built. It had a total of 365 horsepower. A total of 1 people found this article useful. The highest engine in the 1972 Chevelle SS produced 270 net horsepower (201 kW) So, no, the LS6 had 450 horsepower when it was introduced in 1970.

How do you tell if a 1971 Chevelle is a true SS?

It is not always feasible to identify an SS model only by its VIN tag, which may be seen on the driver’s side of the dashboard and is visible through the windshield for models from 1968 to 1971.

What is the difference between a 1971 and 1972 Chevelle?

The grille design is the most noticeable variation between the 1971 and 1972 model years when it comes to outward look. They both have a single set of headlights on each side, rather than the twin ones that had been standard on the Chevelle from its introduction.

Did they make a 1971 LS6 Chevelle?

The LS6 was no longer available in the Chevelle, but it was offered in the Corvette in 1971. Horsepower was a robust 425, with minor compression and tuning adjustments made to allow for the use of low-lead gasoline with a lower octane rating.

What engine did the 1970 Chevelle SS have?

Following on from the success of the base 350 cubic inch V8 engine and optional 396 cubic inch big block engines in earlier models, the 1970 Chevelle SS benefited from a change in General Motors corporate policy that allowed the Divisions to install engines larger than 400 cubic inch capacity in their mid-sized cars.

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How much is a 1970 Chevelle SS worth?


Vehicle: 1970 Chevelle SS 454 LS6
Years Produced: 1970
Number Produced: 4,475
Original List Price: $3,486
SCM Valuation: $125,000–$150,000

What is an LS5 engine?

The 1970 LS5 was built on a conventional cast-iron block that held a forged-steel crankshaft with a total of five main bearings, which was a first for the company. While the majority of 454ci V8s were built using a two-bolt main assembly, a small number of four-bolt main LS5s have been documented.

What was the fastest Chevelle?

  1. 1969 L78 SS396 Chevelle – The Fastest Chevelle Ever Built by the Factory You can see all 12 photographs by clicking here.
  2. The F41 heavy-duty suspension was included as part of the L78 SS396 package.
  3. The L78 396 produced 375 horsepower at 5600 rpm and peak torque of 415 lb-ft at 3600 rpm
  4. The engine was rated at 5600 rpm.

What is a 427 engine?

The 427 engine is a version of the Chevrolet Mark IV big-block engine family, and it might seem identical to other engines in the Mark IV family, such as the 396 and 402, on the outside. The most reliable method of identifying a 427 engine is to decipher the engine casting number, which can be found on the engine block itself.

What engine was in a 72 Chevelle?

Performance Specs

Engine Size Quarter mile
V8 350ci
V8 350ci
V8 402ci
V8 454ci 15.1 sec @ 93 mph

Did they make a 72 Chevelle SS?

SS Chevelle (also known as Malibu SS, or whatever other name you want to call it) did not exist in 1972, technically speaking. 1972 retained the ‘one-size-fits-all’ philosophy of RPO Z15 SS Equipment, with every optional V8 and optional gearbox available with the Z15 option, and any optional transmission available with the Z15 option.

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What year Chevelle had a 454?

When it came to horsepower, the 1970 Chevelle SS 454 LS6 model was the most powerful Chevelle ever built throughout the car’s production run, which spanned 1964 to 1977. Aside from the Corvette, it was the only production General Motors vehicle to have a greater horsepower rating.

What size engines were available in a 1970 Chevelle?

In 1970, the Turbo-Jet 400 engine (really a 402 cubic inch Mark IV) made its way into the common lexicon of aviation. The Turbo-Fire small-block engine with a displacement of 400 cubic inches was also launched in 1970. In the Chevelle lineup, the Turbo-Fire 400 (RPO LF6) was only available in full-size Chevrolets and the Monte Carlo; it was never offered in the’standard’ Chevelle range.

What type of engine is in a 1970 Chevelle?

  • The 330 horsepower variant came with a single exhaust and could be ordered in every V8-equipped body, with the exception of the SS-equipped Malibu and El Camino models.
  • The 454ci engine was also introduced in 1970, although it was only offered as an option with the RPO Z15 SS Equipment option.
  • The standard LS5 454ci engine, which had a hydraulic cam and produced 360 horsepower, was available from the factory.

What type of brakes are on a 1970 Chevelle?

Disc Brakes for a 1970 Chevelle are available at OPGI.com.

How much did a 1972 Chevelle cost New?

This 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu is up for consideration; it is situated in Linden, New Jersey, and is now being offered for sale on eBay for $3,550, with twelve bids having been submitted so far. Chevrolet manufactured 631K Chevelles of all stripes in 1972, which is nothing short of a knockout.

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