FAQ: How Many Horsepower Is 190cc Honda Engine?

What horsepower is a Honda GC190?


GC160 GC190
Net Power Output* 4.6 HP (3.4 kW) @ 3600 rpm 5.2 HP (3.9 kW) @ 3600 rpm
Net Torque 6.9 lb-ft (9.4 Nm) @ 2500 rpm 8.3 lb-ft (11.2 Nm) @ 2500 rpm
PTO Shaft Rotation Counterclockwise (from PTO shaft side) Counterclockwise (from PTO shaft side)
Compression Ratio 8.5:1 8.5:1

How many horsepower is Honda GCV190?


Engine type 4-stroke single cylinder OHC petrol engine vertical shaft
Bore x Stroke 69 x 50 mm
Displacement 187 cm³
Compression ratio 8.5: 1
Net power 3.8 kW ( 5.1 HP ) / 3600 rpm

How many horsepower is 200cc Honda engine?


Engine Type Air-cooled 4-stroke OHV
Displacement 196 cm3
Net Power Output* 5.5 HP (4.1 kW) @ 3,600 rpm
Net Torque 9.1 lb-ft (12.4 Nm) @ 2,500 rpm
PTO Shaft Rotation Counterclockwise (from PTO shaft side)

Is the Honda GC190 a good engine?

Wouldn’t start when tried on first use. Great machine but nozzles fall out of rubber holder within seconds of starting engine. The Honda engine was awesome and reliable like other honda products the pump was a different story. The next day I power washed my concrete driveway and the pump started leaking oil.

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Where are Honda GC engines made?

For commercial use, Honda warranties the GX-series engines for 36 months and the GC engine for 3 months. GX-series engines are generally made in Thailand but GC-series engines are made in the USA (Swepsonville, North Carolina).

How many horsepower is 160 cc’s?

The Honda 160cc lawnmower engine has a maximum speed of 3,300 rpm and can output 7.1 to 8.4 foot pounds of torque, depending on the exact configuration. Most 160cc Honda mower engines output around 5.5 horsepower.

How many cc is a 5 hp Honda motor?

Engine Type: Air-cooled 4-stroke OHV. 68 by 45 mm bore and stroke. Displacement: 163 cm3. Net Power Output: 4.8 HP (3.6 kW) at 3,600 rpm.

What spark plug does a Honda GCV190 take?

Service Information

Maximum speed 3,850 ± 150 rpm
Ignition timing 20° B.T.D.C.
Spark plug NGK: BPR6ES
Spark plug gap 0.7-0.8 mm (0.028-0.031 in)

How many cc is a 10 hp engine?

The general rule is for every 15 CC there is 1 HP. For example, for a 150 CC engine you would take 150 divided by 15, which equals 10 HP.

How many cc is a 6 hp engine?

A quick google search shows that simple 6 1/2 hp gasoline motors most frequently used for lawnmowers, go carts, portable generators, etc. are about 200cc in displacement.

How many HP is 200 cc?

On average you could expect around 5–10 horsepower from a 200cc engine, but it can vary hugely. CC is a measurement of volume or size where Engine horsepower is a measurement of power output at certain rpm.

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What is the best Honda pressure washer?

7 Best Honda Powered Pressure Washers

  • 1.) Simpson MegaShot MSH3125-S Gas Power Washer.
  • 2.) PowerStroke PS80996 Honda GCV190 Pressure Cleaner.
  • 3.) PowerBoss 20649 3,100 PSI 2.7 GPM Pressure Washer.
  • 4.) Karcher G3000 OH Honda GC190 Pressure Washer.
  • 1.) Pressure Pro E3027HG Power Washer.
  • 2.) NorthStar 3,300 PSI 3 GPM.
  • 3.)

Are Honda pressure washers good?

It’s the best-selling gas pressure washer at Home Depot. The selling power of Honda branding certainly helps, but that’s not the only reason it’s chosen over competing products. It’s on the higher end of pressure for a GCV160, which range from 2,700-3,000 PSI, and it comes with better accessories, like a longer 35 ft.

How many horsepower is a GX390?


GX340 GX390
Engine Type Air-cooled 4-stroke OHV Air-cooled 4-stroke OHV
Bore x Stroke 88 X 64 mm 88 X 64 mm
Displacement 389 cm3 389 cm3
Net Power Output* 10.7 HP (8.0 kW) @ 3,600 rpm 11.7 HP (8.7 kW) @ 3,600 rpm

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