How Does Your Engine Run Printables?

How does my engine run book?

How Does Your Engine Run? A Leader’s Guide to the Alert Program for Self-Regulation draws from Mary Sue Williams and Sherry Shellenberger’s years of experience working in the schools and therapy clinics. This practical book explains the Alert Program in its entirety.

How does my engine run social story?

Social Narrative & Visual Supports for How Does Your Engine Run Using Zones of Regulation-Resource uses the analogy of a car engine to teach self-regulation skills. Social story helps students understand that emotions & states of arousal are similar to engine levels that describe how one feels.

How does your engine run self-regulation?

By using the engine analogy to teach selfregulation (changing how alert we feel), we are helping children learn what to do if they are in a non-optimal state of alertness. We teach children that there are five ways to change how alert we feel: put something in the mouth, move, touch, look, or listen.

What is the alert Programme?

The alert programme is a very well recognised methodology of teaching children how to recognise their own sensory issues and it to self modulate them. The other program is “How does your engine run”.

How are zones of regulation used in the classroom?

Here are 15 engaging activities to support the Zones of Regulation in your classroom or at home with online learners.

  1. Identify feelings by giving them a color.
  2. Play a round of Emotions Match-Up.
  3. Play Behavior Bingo.
  4. Play the Emotions Sorting Game.
  5. Practice impulse control with this version of CandyLand.
  6. Make spinners.
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How Does Your Engine Run Alert program?

(How Does Your Engine Run) The Alert Program was developed by occupational therapists, Sherry Shellenberger and Mary Sue Williams, to teach children self-regulation skills. It begins by building awareness of and vocabulary to describe levels of alertness using a car engine analogy.

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