How To Winterize A Outboard Boat Engine?

  1. When winterizing your boat’s engine, the most important step is to ensure that there is no water present in the cooling system.
  2. A drain plug will often be found towards the top of the engine block, with a few others in the manifolds and various pipes.
  3. These plugs may be removed to allow water to drain from the cooling passageways, preventing the passages from becoming overflowing and perhaps freezing, resulting in engine damage.

Preparing Your Outboard Motor for the Winter

  1. Four-stroke motors should have their crankcase oil drained.
  2. Four-stroke motors should have a new oil filter installed.
  3. Four-stroke motors: filling the crankcase with fresh oil
  4. Two-stroke motors: filling the crankcase with fresh oil
  5. Changing the gear oil in the bottom unit
  6. Increasing the stability of the fuel
  7. Antifreeze should be sprayed into the outboard motor.
  8. Adding fog to the cylinders

Is it necessary to winterize an outboard engine as the winter season approaches and you won’t be utilizing your boat any longer? The process of winterizing an outboard motor is necessary if you want your engine to start in the spring and serve you for many years, and if you do not intend to use your engine during the winter.


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Why should I winterize my outboard motor?

A thorough understanding of the proper way to winterize an outboard motor is critical to the overall health and performance of your boat. When your motor is properly winterized, it is protected from corrosion and freezing damage that might occur while it is in storage for the winter. Learn all you need to know about winterizing an outboard motor in this comprehensive guide. 1.

What do I need to know about winterizing my Boat?

Our boating professionals at are available to assist you with our comprehensive winterization advice. First, take care of the basics: winterizing your vessel (including winterizing your boat cover), fuel treatments, engine winterization (for both outboards and inboards), battery maintenance, and winterizing your water systems and sanitation.

How do I prepare my inboard boat engine for winter?

You’ll just need to do a few activities to prepare your inboard engine for the winter, such as changing the engine oil and flushing antifreeze through the engine block. Damage caused by water that freezes inside the engine’s cooling tubes is the most serious hazard to inboard boat engines in winter.

What should I do with my 2 stroke outboard for winter?

Changing the lower-unit oil on any outboard, whether it’s a two-stroke or a four-stroke, is the most vital chore you can complete before putting the boat away for the winter. Otherwise, if there is any remaining water suspended in the gear oil, cold temperatures might cause catastrophic damage to the gears and transmission.

Do you need to run antifreeze through an outboard motor?

There is absolutely no need to feed antifreeze through an outboard motor. They are designed to drain entirely in the tilted-down position, and they do not require any antifreeze to function properly.

Does a 4 stroke outboard motor need to be winterized?

Outboard engines, like inboards and sterndrives, are susceptible to possible damage from freezing as well as from being left idle for extended periods of time without being used. As a result, outboard motors must be winterized as well.

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Do outboards self drain?

All outboard motors are equipped with a self-draining cooling system. Starting the motor with the expectation of removing all of the remaining water from the water pump housing is a waste of time.

Should I leave my outboard motor up or down?

Whenever you leave your boat in the water, it’s important to tilt your outboard motor up to avoid marine growth from growing and corrosion from eating away at its metal parts and components.

Should you winterize an outboard boat motor?

Winterizing Your Home Is Extremely Important Preparing your outboard motor for the off-season in the proper manner can assist to ensure that it is ready to go the following spring. In cold areas, freezing temperatures may cause severe damage to an engine if it is not properly winterized before it is put away for the winter.

Can you use an outboard motor in the winter?

There are a number of outdoor activities available in the United States during the late summer and fall months, and all Mercury Marine outboards are rated to run in temperatures as low as -15C/+5F. However, no matter how exciting late-season boating might be, you’ll need to be certain that your engine and boat are prepared to survive the chilly weather conditions.

What happens if you don’t winterize your outboard motor?

Following are the consequences of failing to winterize your boat: Water expands and contracts when it freezes, causing harm to everything it becomes caught in. In order to do this, water may sneak into vulnerable places. Acidic and corrosive wastes, as well as salt and rust accumulation, can cause damage to delicate engine components. Fuels degrade or get contaminated.

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Can I leave my outboard in the water in the winter?

Yes, keeping water, snow, and ice out is critical, but so is allowing the cover to breathe in order to avoid ″locking-in″ moisture throughout the winter. If you want to keep mold and mildew from growing inside your boat, you should choose a cover that has vents that can let out any trapped air that may accumulate within the vessel over time.

Which side do you lay a 4 stroke outboard?

  1. It’s virtually never a good idea to put an outboard motor down on its side or back since it might cause damage.
  2. This is especially true in the winter, when moisture from condensation has to be removed from the motor’s internal combustion engine.
  3. Evinrude/Johnson stated unequivocally that four-stroke motors must be maintained upright and suggests that all other motors be stored upright as well.

How to winterize your RV generator?

  1. Drain tanks and water lines are important components of every home. To avoid burst pipes in your RV plumbing system during a freeze, you must drain all of the water from the system and maybe apply antifreeze.
  2. Maintain the cleanliness of your RV. The first step in preparing your RV for storage is to thoroughly clean both the inside and outside.
  3. Preparing the Appliances
  4. Openings on the covers.
  5. Maintenance on the engines of motorhomes and generators.

How much does it cost to rebuild an outboard motor?

The cost of rebuilding an outboard boat motor will vary depending on the type of motor (brand, size, and year), the extent of the damage, the condition of the engine, and the technician who will be executing the rebuild. An outboard engine rebuild might cost anywhere from $1,500 to as much as $4,500, depending on the quality of the work performed by a competent technician.

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