Often asked: Where Is A Michelin Tire Serial Number Located?

Where is the serial number on Michelin tires?

Tires made in the United States have the DOT serial number located on the inside sidewall near the rim. The letters “DOT” are followed by eight to thirteen letters and/or numbers that identify where the tire was manufactured, tire size and the manufacturer’s code, along with the week and year the tire was manufactured.

Where is the tire identification number located?

These can be determined by examining the series of letters and numbers called the Tire Identification Number (TIN) which follow the letters “DOT” on the tire sidewall. In order to find the week and year of production for tires manufactured after the year 1999, look at the last four numbers of the TIN.

How do I register my Michelin tires?

  1. Call or text. 1-866-866-6605.
  2. It’s easy to reach us. We want to hear from you. If you have questions or comments about tires for your vehicle, fill out this form. Email us.
  3. Chat with us. 8am – 7pm EST (Mon-Fri) and 9am – 1pm EST (Sat).
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How do you read a TYRE serial number?

Reading the Tire Serial Number

  1. The first set of letters represents the tire’s manufacturing plant.
  2. The second set of letters represents the size code.
  3. There may be a block of numbers and letters that represents the type of tire.
  4. The final four digits represent the week and year the tire was manufactured.

How do I know if my Michelin Tyres are real?

best way to get genuine tyres is to buy them from company authorized & reputed dealers & for Bridgestone & Michelin, check hologram on the tyre. check hologram on the tyre. Not all brands have holograms.

How do I identify my rims?

How to Identify a Wheel Rim

  1. Determine the maker by examining the wheel center cap for a logo or company name.
  2. Compare the wheel to those sold at online wheel and tire companies, such as Tire Rack, if there are no markings on the wheel.
  3. Determine the size of a wheel by inspecting the front and back of it for markings.

How do I find my tire size?

Find your tire size in your vehicle owner’s manual or on your door. Find the information in your vehicle owner’s manual in the glove compartment or on the tire information sticker on your driver’s side door.

Where is the date code on tires?

Remember that the last four digits of the code are the date the tire was manufactured. You can check the first two digits of the DOT code to know the week of the manufacturing. The last two digits will reveal the manufacturing year. For instance, when it was written in 0203, the manufacturing year was 2003.

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What is TYRE serial number?

Production Date All tyres are produced with a serial Tyre Identification Number (or serial TIN) that shows the date of manufacture of a tyre. The last four digits of the serial TIN indicate the week and year that the tyre was made.

How do you read Michelin tire codes?

Locate the DOT number. On the sidewall of the tire, locate a number that starts with DOT. It can be up to 12 digits long. The last three or four numbers are the date code.

Do Michelin tires come with a warranty?

All MICHELIN ® tires 4 (both replacement and original equipment) come with a limited warranty for treadwear, as well as a limited warranty which covers defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the original usable tread, or for 6 years from date of purchase, whichever occurs first.

How do I register my Goodyear tires?

SMS <WFS(space) Registration Code> to 56767. Call the Goodyear call center at 1800 266 6767 between 10 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday. Email the call center with a registration request at gy_care@ goodyear.com.

How do I know if my Tyres are real?

On the sidewall of a tyre you will be able to find a 10 to 12 digit serial tyre identification number, which is usually preceded by the acronym “DOT”, for example: DOT ELCB DKE 1800. If the tyre was manufactured after the year 2000, then you can determine its age by looking at the last four digits of this number.

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