Question: What Search Engine Does China Use?

What English search engine does China use?

Unlike most other countries, China’s Great Firewall means that engines like Google and Bing are rarely used. Instead, China has a few main companies that seem to dominate this market, and one key search engine, Baidu. While there are plenty of search engines in China, Baidu leads the race for dominance by far.

What is China’s version of Google?

Google: An Overview. As Google (GOOGL) maintains its stronghold in the global internet search arena, Baidu, Inc., (BIDU) has the upper hand in China, with 74.6 percent of the nation’s online search queries, as of February 2019.

What do Chinese use instead of Google?

The competitors of Google China include Sogou and Baidu, often called the “Google of China” because of its resemblance and similarity to Google.

Which browser does China use?

Top Chinese Web Browsers in China. Google Chrome browser still takes the first place in Chinese browser market in August 2020, accounting for 58.22% of the market share, down 0.3% from July. Microsoft Edge ranked second most popular Chinese browser, with a significant increase in market share, from 15.84% to 16.43%.

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Is YouTube banned in China?

China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau)

Since then, YouTube has been inaccessible from Mainland China. Even though YouTube is blocked under the Great Firewall, many Chinese media including CCTV have their official YouTube account. In spite of the ban, Alexa ranks YouTube as the 11th most visited website in China.

Is Baidu safe to use?

Baidu Browser, a web browser for the Windows and Android platforms, transmits personal user data to Baidu servers without encryption and with easily decryptable encryption, and is vulnerable to arbitrary code execution during software updates via man-in-the-middle attacks.

Is Google banned in China?

Google. Yes, you cannot Google in China. The world’s most-popular search engine is blocked in the country. Baidu is Google’s rival in China.

Is using VPN illegal in China?

VPNs are legal in China—sometimes

Yet to use the technology you technically need an official license. Using a VPN to circumnavigate China’s internet restrictions and accessing banned websites without a license is illegal. The offense is punishable with a fine, but to date, no foreign visitors have received one.

Is Facebook banned in Hong Kong?

However, according to the “Blocked in China” website, Facebook is still blocked as of December 7, 2019. Facebook is not blocked in Hong Kong and Macau, which are the autonomous zones. Facebook is currently working on a censorship project for China, where a third party would be allowed to regulate on Facebook and

Is WhatsApp banned in China?

Since September 2017, WhatsApp has been almost completely blocked in China. While sending voice messages, images or making video calls is only possible using a system like a VPN, text messages sometimes are able to get through the blockage. The only exceptions are the Chinese apps WeChat or Weixin.

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Is Android banned in China? is blocked in China, including the Android Device Manager tool that allows users to remotely locate and wipe their phones if lost or stolen.

What do China use instead of Instagram?

Facebook is one of the world’s most popular social media apps with nearly 2.60 billion monthly active users as of March 31, 2020. However, the app remains unavailable in China. Internet users in China use WeChat instead. Like its parent Facebook, Instagram too is banned in China.

Is Firefox banned in China? isn’t blocked there. And most people still use IE, it’s a great opportunity.

Is Firefox allowed in China?

Firefox and google chrome are terrible. Google chrome – since it does not come installed in most computers in China, it is lousy as you have to figure out a way to load it (vpns slow internet speeds) – and since the government is suspicious of most google softwares, it puts you at a disadvantage.

What is the most used search engine in China?

Established in 2000, Baidu is the number one search engine in China. It is ranked as the fourth most visited website in the world by and holds the second largest share of the global desktop search engine market (behind Google). Every day, 6 billion searches are performed on Baidu.

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