Often asked: How Thick Is Michelin White Wall Lettering?

What material is used for tire lettering?

Unlike the typical decals you see on window shops or cars; tire stickers are made from specialized, cut-out rubber.

Should I put the white letters out on my tires?

If the tires have white walls or letters, Always out! You want black then buy an all black tire!

Can you buy tires with white letters?

Anywhere you ‘ve got tires, you can get that raised white lettering.

Does Michelin make white letter tires?

These specialized raised white Michelin tire letters can withstand daily driving, track days and extreme driving conditions. Simply prep the tire surface to clean off dirt and oil, then glue on the lettering and enjoy the new look! ” MICHELIN Tire Lettering Kit – Fits all vehicles!

Do Tire paint pens work?

Does a Tire Paint Pen Work For Tire Lettering? People ask if a tire paint pen or tire paint marker works for tire lettering. The answer is yes and no – While a tire paint pen or marker can be used to add white letters to your tires, tire paint is certainly not without drawbacks.

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How long do tire stickers last?

They’ll last you 1-2 weeks while handling extreme driving conditions without cracking!

Can white letter tires be reversed?

You can not have a directional white letter tire. Most tires now are asymmetrical being an inside and an outside. These can be rotated to any position on the vehicle.

Why did white wall tires go away?

The whitewall stripe width began to diminish as an attempt to reduce the perceived height of the wheel/ tire. During the decade, increasingly lower vehicle heights were in vogue. During the 1950s, Fender skirts also covered up white wall tires.

Why do some tires have white letters?

Early pneumatic tires were all white as a result of mixing natural rubber with zinc oxide to increase grip. By molding raised text on the white rubber sidewall, coating it with black, and then removing the layer covering the letters, the raised- white – letter tire was created.

What are the tires with white letters called?

By the late 70s and early 80s, as white letter tires were already standard for muscle cars and hot rods, larger truck tires were introduced with lots of sidewall room, perfect for raised white letters. Goodyear took advantage of that space early when they christened the Wrangler family of tires.

Do tires have white lettering on both sides?

Not all tires have the white layer, but if it is a whitewall or a raised white lettered tire then it has the white layer on both sides of the tire.

What tires come with white lettering?

Raised White Letter Tires for Your Muscle Car or Street Rod identified with branded raised white letters on a tire’s sidewall. While stock levels in various brands have diminished over the years, Tire Rack is still proud to offer BFGoodrich’s iconic tire, the Radial T/A in 22 sizes.

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Does Goodyear make raised white letter tires?

Both N/S and E/S tires have the words Goodyear and Polyglas elevated in small solid white lettering.

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