Often asked: What Is Blue On Michelin Sidewall Car Tires?

What do color stripes on tires mean?

The stripes are there strictly for identification. It makes it easier to prevent mixups within the factory if you can quickly identify the tires. They are painted on the surface of the tread when the tread is extruded. If the stripes are on the tread surface, then they will only last a hundred miles.

Should you replace a tire with sidewall damage?

If you experience sidewall tire damage, we recommend that you DON’T drive with your car or even REPAIR the tire. We recommend that you REPLACE the tire. The materials and the components that are used to construct the sidewall of your tire are not the same as the materials that are used to craft the tread of the tire.

How do you read Michelin tire codes?

Locate the DOT number. On the sidewall of the tire, locate a number that starts with DOT. It can be up to 12 digits long. The last three or four numbers are the date code.

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How do you know if your tire sidewall is damaged?

A sidewall tire damage is exactly what it sounds like; damage on the tire’s sidewall, meaning that the damage is on the side of the tire and not the tire tread. You can often spot one by seeing a deep scratch or a bubble on the tire’s sidewall.

What is the yellow dot on new tires?

Weight Method ( Yellow Mark) When performing weight match-mounting, the yellow mark on the tire, indicating the point of lightest weight, should be aligned with the valve stem on the wheel assembly, which represents the heaviest weight point of the wheel assembly.

Do all new Tyres have Coloured lines?

When you’re looking for new tyres, you’ll often see some coloured dots on the tyre sidewall, and bands of colour in the tread. These are all here for a reason, but it’s more for the tyre fitter than for your benefit. Typically the yellow dot should end up aligned to the valve stem on your wheel and tyre combo.

Can you fix sidewall damage tire?

A damaged tire can only be repaired if: Tire Repair Ann Arbor. The puncture is within the tread area* of the tire – sidewall punctures are NOT repairable. There is no sidewall damage as a result of the tire being driven while flat.

Why can’t you plug a tire sidewall?

Why tires with punctured sidewalls can’t be repaired Tires have cords that run all around the tread of the tire, the part the makes contact with the road. But on the sidewall, those cords aren’t there. So, there’s just no way for a plug to fill that hole. The patch won’t hold, and it’s going to continue to leak.

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What is considered sidewall of tire?

The Sidewall is the “smooth”, vertical area on the side of the tire between the edge of the tread and the bead of the tire, which does not include any area where tread grooves are still visible.

Where is the best place to buy tires?

Generally speaking, you’ll find some of the lowest prices at Walmart and Discount Tire Direct, while Tire Rack offers the biggest selection. Sam’s Club, BJ’s Tire Center and Costco offer some of the best overall tire-buying experiences including low average prices, free services and convenience.

How do I know if my Michelin Tyres are real?

best way to get genuine tyres is to buy them from company authorized & reputed dealers & for Bridgestone & Michelin, check hologram on the tyre. check hologram on the tyre. Not all brands have holograms.

How long do Michelin tires last on average?

Though five years is the basic, you can enhance the longevity of your tire by maintaining doing regular tire rotations, proper air pressure, and finally vehicle maintenance. So, now you can understand that the Michelin tires can last for 10 years, depending on the usage.

Are tire sidewall cracks dangerous?

Sidewall cracking is dangerous because it reduces a driver’s ability to handle dramatic increases in load when taking corners and increases the possibility of a tire blowout. Repairing sidewall cracks ASAP is always the best idea.

What to check after hitting a curb?

Here are four things to check after hitting a curb.

  1. Wheels. It’s possible to bend or break your wheel.
  2. Wheel Bearing. The second thing you should check is the wheel bearing.
  3. Tires. Go over the tire’s sidewall – be thorough, as sidewall damage isn’t always apparent.
  4. Strut/Strut Mount.
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How thick is a car tire sidewall?

Tire sidewalls vary in thickness from the shoulder area to the bead area. In the thinnest part, typically in the middle to upper area, most sidewalls are between 6- and 15-mm thick – about 1/4- to 5/8-inch thick.

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