Often asked: What Is Michelin Zr Tire?

Is there a difference between Zr and R tires?

ZR basically means the tyre is adapted for speeds above 149 mph. ZR tyres includes the speed ratings V(149mph), W(168mph) and Y(186mph). Look for the speed ratings V,W,Y to find the modern equivalent to ZR tyres and not for the marking ZR.

What does ZR on a tire mean?

ZR basically means the tire is adapted for speeds above 149mph. ZR tires includes the speed ratings V(149mph), W(168mph) and Y(186mph). The R stands for radial. Priority Tire ✅

Can I use ZR tires instead of R?

91Y is the load rating, ZR is the speed rating, do not use a R rated tyre.

Does Zr mean run flat?

The following letter(s) describe the construction: R is for radial; ZR stands for a Z-rated radial (see service description); and ZRF means Z-rated run – flat (rare). The last two-digit number is the diameter of the applicable wheel, in inches.

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Do I need ZR tires?

For tires with a maximum speed capability higher than 240 km/h (149 mph), a ” ZR ” may appear in the size designation. Tires with a maximum speed capability higher than 300 km/h (186 mph), require a ” ZR ” in the size designation. Consult the tire manufacturer for maximum speed when there is no service description.

What does XL Tire mean?

They can carry heavier loads than tires of the same size. Reinforced tires are designated on the sidewall by the letters “RF”; extra load tires with the letters ” XL.” Reinforced and XL tires require higher inflation pressures than standard tires.

Do XL Tyres last longer?

Are there other advantages to XL tyres? When an XL tyre is run at the pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, it will last longer. These tyres are considered to have greater grip and better traction. Because they are more rigid, they will corner better and maintain stability.

What happens if you go faster than tire speed rating?

The speed rating is there to let you know that you shouldn’t exceed that speed with that tire. If you do for a sustained period of time the air in the tire will heat up and expand causing the tire to explode. It is pretty simple.

What speed rating is Q?


P 93
Q 99
R 106
S 112

Does tire speed rating matter?

The speed rating tells you the speed the tire can safely maintain over time. A higher speed rating usually means you will have better control and handling at higher speeds — and that the tire can take the extra heat. As a general rule, tires with higher speed ratings also handle better at slower speeds.

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Can I use H rated tires instead of V?

H tires should last longer than V tires, manufacturer and other ratings equal. High performance tires use a softer rubber compound, and it wears faster. Sign the waiver, stay under 130 mph (chuckle), and you’ll be fine.

Can you mix Tyres with different load ratings?

Primarily, you should avoid mixing different tyre brands and different tread patterns. Driving a car with a set of tyres with mismatched size, construction, load index or speed rating can pose a danger to you and other road users.

How do I know if my Tyres need air?

5 Clues You Should Fill Up Your Tires

  1. Flat. A flat tire is the simplest way to tell if inflation is needed.
  2. Low Pressure Reading. Using a digital pressure meter, occasionally check your tires see if the air pressure is at the manufacturer-recommended level.
  3. Cooler Weather.
  4. Vibration.
  5. Poor Fuel Efficiency.

How can you tell if Michelin tires are run flat?

Michelin signify that a particular model is a Run Flat tyre by printing ZP on the sidewall of the tyre. To find out whether the tyres currently fitted to your vehicle are Run Flat tyres, check to see if this symbol appears on the sidewall.

How do you know if you have run flats?

If you are unsure whether your car is fitted with run flats, they can be easily identified by the symbols on the sidewall of the tyre. Continental developed their SSR (Self-Supporting Runflat) technology for low section tyres, which can fit all standard rims.

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