Quick Answer: How To Remove Michelin Stealth Hook Wiper Blades?

How do I remove old wiper blades?

Remove the Old Wiper: Gently lift the arm away from the windshield, then press the small tab under the wiper where it meets the arm. The wiper blade should then slide right off the arm when you pull downward.

What is the best Trico wiper blade?

A good wiper blade goes a long way and there is no wiper blade better than our TRICO Titan premium beam blade.

  • TRICO Titan premium beam blade.
  • TRICO Force premium beam blade.
  • TRICO Ice winter wiper blade. West.

How do you remove a Trico wiper blade?

How to Remove Trico Wiper Blades

  1. Open your car and sit behind the wheel.
  2. Exit the vehicle and approach the driver side wiper.
  3. Lift the blade off of the glass and undo the safety/security clip connecting the blade to the wiper arm.
  4. Pull the blade off the arm.
  5. Place a towel on the windshield and lower the wiper arm onto the towel.

Are Michelin Stealth Wiper blades good?

They work perfectly; no streaking or smearing at all. They make firm contact with the windshield. When it rains it leaves my windshield spotless. These work great at removing snow as well, unlike traditional wiper blades where snow gets stuck in the frames.

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